Landmapp Announces Rebrand to Meridia

Startup embarks on next phase of empowering people through land and property documentation. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands (6 March, 2018) – Today, Landmapp, an end-to-end solution for documenting land and residential property, announced that is has rebranded under the name Meridia and launched a new website. Founded in 2015, the company will continue its efforts to help the more than 1 billion people around the world that currently lack legal rights to their land and property.

In many upcoming economies, accurate maps and effective land administration systems do not exist, leaving many people vulnerable to land disputes and evictions. When armed with legally enforceable documentation, individuals and communities can better leverage the economic potential of their assets. When people have secure land and property rights, they can invest in their homes and businesses, fight food insecurity through efficient farm management, and combat the effects of climate change such as forest encroachment and increased deforestation. 

Meridia’s one-stop-shop helps overcome barriers to land and property documentation by combining widely available technology with a carefully trained workforce and clear understanding of local legal and administrative systems. From digitally mapping boundaries and validating legal documents to helping secure ownership, the company brings transparency and clarity to the communities that need it most.

“Over the last three years, we’ve seen the life changing ripple effect of land and property documentation, from personal empowerment to economic growth,” said Simon Ulvund, CEO of Meridia. “As our company expands, we wanted a name that reflects who we are beyond land mapping itself—a name that illustrates that land is a key starting point for the prosperity of communities. For us, Meridia serves as a reminder of the greater good that emanates from clearly mapped and secured land and property.”

Since 2015, Meridia has expanded its services to include a range of documentation solutions for smallholder farmers, homeowners, commodity buyers, land investors and governments. Meridia has helped more than 30,000 individuals in communities across Ghana and Indonesia to date. Meridia is funded by Omidyar Network, with additional support from a large group of local and angel investors.

In its next phase, Meridia will focus on scaling its solutions through a private sector partnership to build a sustainable supply chain with companies including Unilever and Sainsbury, a residential and farmland mapping initiative with the government of Indonesia, and exploring the use of innovative technologies such as machine learning.  

To learn more about Meridia’s innovative approach to land documentation and to read success stories of their work in Ghana, Indonesia and Malawi, browse the company’s new website!


# # # About Meridia

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Meridia is a mobile platform that combines technological tools and on-the-ground expertise to unlock land and property potential. Currently operating in Ghana, Indonesia and Malawi, Meridia provides customized solutions for smallholder farmers, homeowners, commodity buyers, land investors and governments to clarify land and property boundaries and leverage its economic potential. To learn more, visit